An ongoing series of informational entries

Kitwe, Zambia, Africa

June 2015​

Our first evangelism training class abroad was hosted by Abba's Heart Boys Ministry run by Bob and Candace Walker. The class consisted of 6 local pastors from various denominations and 13 missionaries stationed there. We were so well received and those in attendance couldn't get enough of the training. At the end of the week we headed to the streets to put into practice the things they had learned.

My Ordination

Nov. 2015

I was ordained under Impact Ministries International founded by Tom and Teresa Stamman. Tom was very instrumental in helping my vision come to reality. He prophetically confirmed the calling on my life to be an Evangelist and start my own ministry.  

Destiny Leadership training

May 2016

We conducted a condensed version of our  evangelism training to the leadership of Destiny Worship Center. It is our desire to make leadership teams and small groups more outreach and mission minded. Outreach is important but we can't just give them fish without teaching them how to fish!

IMI Women's Conference

Oct. 2016

The annual conference was held in a beautiful log cabin among the vast acres of corn fields of Iowa. I helped to lead worship and preached a message on John 15, I am the vine and you are the branches. To be fruitful and multiple we must stay connected to the true vine, Jesus Christ.  I made some great connections with other women pastors and leaders. Iron truly sharpens iron!  

30A TV performance

Nov. 2016

I was asked by my vocal coach, Alyssa Stephens to sing a song for our local TV channel. I sang the song Not for a Moment which speaks of how God will never leave nor forsake us.  It was a great way to reach people who may never listen to Christian worship music and tell them about the love of Christ.  

Letter of Inspiration

Jan. 2017

I was reminded how important it is to pour into the younger generation by a letter that was written by my 11 yr. old niece, Joslyn Manthey.  She went with me to Honduras later that year and was forever changed. We are Ambassadors for Christ and must always represent him in everything we do and say.   You just never know who may be inspired by your life!


April 2017

I went with 3 others pastors to Port a Prince and Les Ceyes, Haiti for 10 days. Hardest trip to date. The poverty and need was overwhelming. God had to remind me to just focus on one soul at a time. We saw healings, a girl delivered from a demon, salvations and a young generation on fire for God. 

Shelby County Jail, Memphis

May 2017

Rev. Dee Chernicky, Sula Skiles and myself ministered to 250 women in the Shelby County jail in Memphis, Tenn. I sang the song, Redeemed which was so appropriate for women in prison. We saw 80 women give their hearts to Jesus! A women who had recently been in a bad car accident before being incarcerated was healed as we prayed for her. The chaplain was so impressed he gave us an excellent letter of recommendation and an invitation to return in 6 mos. I can see this being the start to many  more opportunities!

Honduras Mission Trip

Feb 2017

We led a team of nine, seven of them being family to Honduras. It was a first for my 76 yr old dad and 2 nieces. What an amazing way to serve as a family! They all want to go back to the City of Refuge where IMI built a small village from nothing 6 yrs ago. They have an orphanage, school and clinic which will  eventually be a hospital.

Recording of The Simple Gospel Ministry CD

June 2017

Nate Kelly the worship leader of Destiny Worship Center is helping  me produce my first worship and the word ministry CD. This CD will be an evangelistic tool used to lead the unsaved to Christ. I always felt my ministry would be a mix of worship and preaching but I wasn't sure what that looked like. Well, God dropped in my spirit the idea of doing 8 worship songs with evangelistic sermons in between. It's a journey to life by leading the unbeliever to an understanding of why Jesus came and why we need a Savior.

Shine On South Dakota Women's Conference 

October 2017

I collaborated with Dee Chernicky Ministries to bring the Shine On conference to my home town in S.D. I debuted my new CD, The Simple Gospel Friday night of the conference. Saturday I taught on how to be Empowered in our Finances. Being a financial advisor for 26 years gave me years of experience and knowledge on the topic. The theme of the conference was Peace, Power and Praise. Our mission was to stir a passion for Gods word and his presence.  I believe we accomplished that by the power of the Holy Spirit with us! 

Destiny Worship Center scouting trip to Honduras 

February 2018

I escorted my church's executive Pastor, Steven Vagalis and Outreach Director Stacey Reed to the City of Refuge in Comayagua, Honduras.  I recommended this place as a place we could take teams on mission trips. They both loved the vision of IMI and found it to be a place where our members could serve the people of Honduras in many ways. A plan for Sept. 16th 2018 is planned with the vision of meeting both the physical and spiritual needs. We will do this through a medical brigade, educational classes for all ages and other ministry opportunities. 

Provided 100  Bibles for at risk youth in the Phillipines

May 2018

We​ met a pastor through our website and God directed us to bless him by providing him 100 bibles. He ministers to at risk teenagers, orphans, the local police and has home church meeting in his home.  He sends us pictures and reports all the time. It's amazing how the internet has made it a smaller world and we can work with others in far away countries, all with the same vision of reaching the lost for Christ! 

Ministering at our local nursing home

June 2018

I ministeried in word and song to the residents of the Grand Blvd. Nursing Home. On one occasion I reminded them that God is not finished writing the story of their life. They still can make a difference for the kingdom of God right where they are. People need to know Jesus and they can still be effective in carrying out the Great Commission.  Another time I spoke on overcoming fear through the perfect love of the Father. We sang the song, I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God. They responded so powerfully as they sang it as a declaration!  

Spoke to the women in a drug recovery program

August 2018

Hi Cherie! I wanted to send a text to thank you for taking time to come and speak to the ladies at the Path Of Grace! You were anointed and appointed to speak a timely word to them! Thank you too for the CD's and notes that you gave them! I got to hear in sessions the positive feedback on what you had to say! :) Thank you! 💖

Honduras Mission Trip

September 2018

We  led a team for our church, Destiny Worahip Center. We conducted a 2 day medical brigade seeing over 250 families! We witnessed many healings! We also  ministered to the local missionaries, spent time with the.children in the orphanage, shared the gospel and prayed for the the locals around the Ciry of Refuge. It was such a fruitful trip and we look forward to more trips!  

Hurricane Michael Relief

 October 2018

Hurricane Michael almost a category 5 dodged our area but hit just 50miles east of us . We took a team of guys, mainly my brothers ,chain saws, and a Bobcat to assist people with tree removal.  We were welcomed with such thankfulness. Many cried as we did the work for free. They couldn't believe we would do that for them but we were quick to tell them its Jesus Christ in us! 

IMI Women's Conference  

 November 2018

I led the worship and spoke at the 3 day IMI Women's conference. We stayed in a beautiful cabin in the middle of the corn fields of Iowa! What an anointed time as many women spoke and shared a message on the common theme of unity. I had a chance to minister in the prophetic which encouraged and strengthened many women which was a highlight of the event. 

IMI Leaders Conference  

 July 2019 

I led the worship and spoke at the 3 day IMI Leaders conference. My message was a chapter from my book, how to witness to Muslims. The second message was living what we preach! We had times of ministering to the individual needs of the attending and meeting other leaders and pastors.